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Robert Anderson
Founder and President

Dear Real Estate Professional,

I’m the Founder and President of Incentives2Travel, a real estate marketing company based in San Clemente, California.

I started this company with a simple goal in mind: to help real estate agents sell homes in today’s changing market.

As a real estate agent, you know how important a successful Open House is to a real estate campaign.

Frequently, promoting your Open House can be the most challenging part of a campaign…

… Not to mention the biggest headache!

From years of working with agents, I’ve discovered that hosting a successful Open House doesn't have to be difficult!

Member Testimonial #1

"I had 56 people through the Open House!"
"Yeah, it sounded too good to be true! But after I gave a few Travel Certificates away,  I was actually surprised how people reacted. I was thinking that they might think it was hokey, but they were actually blown away that I would give them a Travel Certificate to Las Vegas for just showing up to my Open House. I had 56 people through the Open House. That is more than have showed up in the past 3 showings. I am very satisfied"

Solana Beach, CA

My Secret, Incentive-Powered Method
for Hosting Open Houses That “Overflow” With Eager
Home Buyers!

Effective, Incentive-Based Promotions
Come Down to Just One Word: FREE!


In this case, we’re talking 2-nights and 3-days in a beautiful, Las Vegas Hotel…

… Absolutely FREE!

That’s what you can offer your potential home buyers to encourage them to attend your Open House.

Here’s how you can make it work, step by step:

1.   Advertise your Open House mentioning that everyone who attends “gets a FREE certificate for 2-days' and 3-nights' in a popular, Las Vegas Strip Hotel!”

2.   Tell everyone who attends that they simply need to fill out a very short survey regarding their home-buying goals to receive their certificates.

3.   People come to your Open House - yes, not all of them are serious, potential buyers, but many of your attendees will likely spread the word to friends and family.

4.   Converse with attendees, and watch as the offers start to pile up.

5.   Close the deal and collect your commission!

This method has been tested time and time again by agents all over the country.

And, time and time again, it’s led to jam-packed Open Houses, which led to big sales quickly.

Member Testimonial #2

"After just 1 Open House, 2 home owners asked me to list their houses!"
"I was a little skeptical at first, but after I started talking with people that came to my Open Houses, I started to give the certificates away. Since I could give away as many as I needed, I started to see a difference in my marketing efforts. I started to get a lot of people at my Open Houses. This is good in two different ways. First, it brought many home buyers to the Open Houses. Secondly, it brought in many home owners that wanted to list their homes with me. I feel like I have the best of both worlds."

Tustin, CA

Learn How to
Increase Your New Home Listings
from Just ONE Open House!

Each potential home buyer that attends your Open House will be asked to complete your Open House Home Survey. The questions you ask the home buyers are what matters most.

Your survey will be built around the real questions that include:

  • When do you plan to move?

  • Do you currently own a home?

  • Is your home currently listed?

The answers to these questions could easily help you obtain new listings.

Our Risk-FREE, Money-Back Guarantee!

100% Money-Back Guarantee
For a Full 90 -Days!
Here's How It Works: I'm prepared to back up everything I've claimed. Sign Up for our Travel Certificate Membership with unlimited printing of all of our Travel Incentives right now, and see for yourself. If within the next 90-Days our Travel Certificates do not live up to your expectations, I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny. No hassles.
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Why am I willing to make such an incredible guarantee?

I've put my heart and soul into this, and frankly, I won't feel I've succeeded unless you are completely satisfied. And I mean that sincerely.

Robert Anderson

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For One, Low, Monthly Fee, You Get
UNLIMITED Printing and Distribution of
ALL of Our Travel Certificates!

Our Exciting Travel Certificates
2-Nights' 3-Days' Hotel Accommodations
in 1 of 22 Resort Destinations in the U.S.
This certificate is for 3-days' and 2-nights' hotel accommodations for 2 adults, 21 or older, at 1 of these 22 resort destinations. Travel arrivals are required Sunday through Wednesday only with this certificate, but weekend travel may be available at an increased cost. This offer is NOT connected with any timeshare presentation or sales pitch of any kind. More Details

22 Resort Destinations:
Palm Springs, CA; Lake Tahoe, CA; Orlando, FL; Daytona Beach, FL; Ft. Myers, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Reno/Carson, NV; Anaheim, CA (Disneyland Area) San Antonio, TX; Pocono Mountains, PA; Charleston, SC; New Orleans, LA; Atlantic City, NJ; Branson, MO; Niagara Falls Area, Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN; Hilton Head, SC; Myrtle Beach, SC; Williamsburg, VA; Honolulu, HI; Cancun, MX; Puerto Vallarta, MX
2-Nights' 3-Days' Hotel Accommodations
in 1 of 37 Resort Destinations in the U.S.
This certificate is for 2-nights' and 3-days' hotel accommodations for 2 adults, 21 or older, and up to 2 children at 1 of these 37 resort destinations. Arrival date is valid seven days a week. Travel must be requested a minimum of 60 days in advance. This offer is NOT connected with any timeshare presentation or sales pitch of any kind. More Details

37 Resort Destinations:
Phoenix, AZ; Payson, AZ; Lake Havasu, AZ; Sedona, AZ; Tucson, AZ; Palm Springs, CA; San Diego, CA; Lake Tahoe (North Shore), CA; Cocoa Beach, FL; Daytona Beach, FL; Miami, FL; Orlando, FL; St. Petersburg Beach, FL; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Ormond Beach, FL; St. Augustine, FL; Ocean City, MD; Boyne Falls, MI; Breezy Point, MN; Branson, MO; Las Vegas, NV; Mesquite, NV; Outer Banks, NC; Hershey, PA; Pocono Mountains, PA; Port Clinton, OH; Charleston, SC; Hilton Head, SC; Myrtle Beach, SC; Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN; San Antonio, TX; Ascutney Mountain, VT; Killington, VT; Gordonsville, VA; Williamsburg, VA; Virginia Beach, VA; Wisconsin Dells, WI
2 Round-Trip Airfares
Plus 2-Nights' Hotel Accommodations
This certificate is for 2 round-trip airfares plus 2-nights' hotel accommodations in your choice of Las Vegas, NV; Orlando, FL; Cancun, MX; Puerto Vallarta, MX; and Puerto Rico. All travel requires a minimum of 90 days booking notice and must be completed within 12-months of redeeming this certificate. This offer is NOT connected with any timeshare presentation or sales pitch of any kind. More Details
4-Day Cruise for 2 Adults to
Nassau, Bahamas or to Ensenada, Mexico
This certificate is for a 4-Day Cruise for 2 Adults 21 Years and older to Nassau, Bahamas or to Ensenada, Mexico. All travel requires a minimum of 90 days booking notice and must be completed within 12 -months of redeeming this certificate. This offer is NOT connected with any timeshare presentation or sales pitch of any kind. More Details


Here is the "Inside" Scoop!

Some people may think that Travel Certificates are simply too good to be true. But I am here to show you exactly how you can give away Travel Certificates to your customers and/or employees with complete confidence.

First, let me say how easy it is to redeem our Travel Certificates. We don't make your customers jump through any hoops to redeem their vacation. There are no timeshare presentations, nor is there any obligation to purchase anything, ever.

Second, from more than 25 years of experience, our travel consolidators know that out of every 1,000 people that travel, 71% of them will buy airfare. Please note that the traveler redeeming a certificate is NOT required to buy airfare, but with the tremendous savings that our travel consolidators can offer, travelers can take great advantage of this savings.

Additionally, most people that utilize our certificates choose to stay at least one extra night. Our travel consolidators will give your client a great deal if they choose to book their airfare and/or additional nights at the hotel. Ultimately, our travel consolidators will make an average of $48-$75 per trip, and they travel more than 10,000 people a month. You run the numbers... Everyone wins!

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My Closing Thoughts...

Be the first in your area to utilize Travel Certificates to quickly motivate potential home buyers in quantity to your next Open House!

By the time your competition has realized your new marketing efforts, you will have scooped up all of the new home listings in your area by using our exciting Travel Certificate to gain the home owners attention!

If you are ready to separate yourself from your competition and quickly list and sell more homes than ever before, then you need to click on the "Add to Cart" Button below and watch your business Skyrocket!

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