Robert Anderson
Founder and President

Incentives2Travel is a rewards company geared at helping businesses increase their sales and marketing results through offering Travel Incentive Certificates to motivate their customer to purchase products and services over their competition.

With the cut-throat competition in sales, coupled with the global economic downturn that has severely affected the United States, business sales across different industries and niches have suffered a terrible blow, severely limiting marketing efforts and putting many companies in the red.

Incentives2Travel seeks to overturn this current trend by offering their excellent, sales travel incentives to businesses that need to move their products and services quickly. This is especially true for slower-moving and higher-priced merchandise like cars, high-end appliances, jewelry, and other luxury items.

Businesses running sales or discounts on their products will also benefit from Incentives2Travel Travel Certificates, creating greater value for money in the minds of their customers. Spas and gyms, for instance, can entice clients and prospects into purchasing bigger service packages with the motivation of a Travel Certificate waving a red flag in the background.

Incentives2Travel offers some of the best Travel Certificates in the market today. Our most popular Certificate is our 2 Nights' and 3 Days' Hotel Accommodations Certificate at 22 destinations.

Additionally, we also offer Travel Certificates good for 7 Nights' Hotel Accommodations in Hawaii and 8 Nights' Hotel Accommodations in Mexico.


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