Online Customer Redemption

It is our top priority to protect the integrity of your business’s promotion strategy.  To this end, we utilize a separate redemption Website, which precludes your customers from finding out the true value you receive by using our certificates.  Our redemption process is incredibly user friendly.  There is no need for your customer to mail anything.  Certificates can be redeemed online immediately! wants to make the travel certificate redemption process for your customer as simple as possible.

Each Travel Certificate has a unique certificate number preceded by two letters. To redeem the certificate, your customer will go to and enter their unique certificate number by selecting the 2 Letter Code from the pull-down menu. Once your customer clicks on the "Submit" button, he or she will be sent an email regarding how to schedule their vacation and pay the registration fee. They will have one year from the date they redeem their certificate to schedule their vacation and travel. Rest assured that your client will have a wonderful time on their trip.